Webmaster Tools

valutaSEO provides you a set of applications and tools to optimize your web site. These tools are build to help Webmasters to simplify their programming work and enhance the security level of the web sites.


Alexa Statistics

Alexa Statistics Alexa is an Amazon company that provides certified website traffic data

Alexa Comparison

Alexa Comparison Compare the traffic of two or more websites using Alexa analytics data

Social Analytics

Social Analytics Track the number of likes, shares and social information of a website

Website Diagnostic

Website Diagnostic Scan your site to identify viruses, malware and threats that affect SEO

Directory Listing

Directory Listing Check for your site's presence in major directories like DMOZ (ODP), Alexa, and Yandex

Domain Location

Domain Location Identifies the place of residence of an IP address (City, Country, Region)

Indexed Pages

Indexed Pages Find out the number of pages indexed by the main search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo)


Backlink Find out how many third-party sites link back to your domain

SEO Toolkit

Google Suggestion Tool

Google Suggestion Tool Use this Google tool that suggests the best keywords for your pages

Antispam Protector

Antispam Protector Protect your texts and email addresses from spam with this anti-spam tool

Meta Tags Generator

Meta Tags Generator Create clear, manual meta tags by entering your website keywords

Og Properties Generator

Og Properties Generator Crea delle proprietà Og attraverso il protoccolo Open Graph

Password Generator

Password Generator Genera la password più inaccessibile che puoi immaginare attraverso questo semplice tool

MD5/SHA-1 Hashing

MD5/SHA-1 Hashing Genera online una stringa hash da una string di valori da te inserita

Duplicate Remover

Duplicate Remover Delete duplicated keywords and words from your pages to have 100% clear SEO

HTML Encoder

HTML Encoder Hide text from search engines with this HTML coding tool

UNIX Time Converter

UNIX Time Converter Convert dates, times and strings of numbers into readable time formats and vice versa

Text Length

Text Length Find out the length of a text in terms of words, letters and spaces

Domain Management

Whois Lookup

Whois Lookup Find out by whom a particular website was registered and when, by accessing a global registry

DNS Record Lookup

DNS Record Lookup Check a domain's DNS records and make sure the settings are correct

HTTP Headers

HTTP Headers Inspect the HTTP header of a page through this verification tool